Monday, 1 October 2012

I recently spent two weeks interning for the cold water surf company Finisterre, picking up little bits of the history and the stories behind both the company and the people who make it, working in and around the workshops on just about everything, Bon Iver and Ben Howard playing, dogs running amuck, the sea in view, intermittent “steez breaks” and regular bouts of singing. Don’t be fooled though these guys are all working on the things that ultimately culminate into the passionate performance brand that is quietly causing waves. The easy going, inspirational environment and equally easy going, interesting people taught me a lot be it practical such as the unpicking/re-sewing of hundreds of cable knits and my dream task of collaging the changing room, but also a lot of reaffirming things i already knew and learning a lot i didn't.
Thanks for everything guys. It was a good two weeks.

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